Solutions that evolve with you

When we started looking for flexible but cost-effective solutions for our business, we quickly realized that there is more to it than just the price. However, it doesn't hurt at all if the solutions cost us little while our company is still in its infancy. 

We looked to Zoho Mail to host our own mail safely but efficiently, but when we got there, we realized that Zoho offers so much more that benefits our business. When we started using Projects for our projects, Invoice for invoicing, WorkDrive as data storage, Meeting as a teleconferencing solution and all the rest, we decided to become a Zoho Partner and offer these solutions and services to our customers.

Our agreements with Zoho have enabled us to move all mail hosted on our servers to an excellent mail hosting solution that offers security and flexibility that meets all our highest standards. 
  • Simple to use and user friendly: Both the app on the phone and the web environment on the mail build on familiar foundations but are implemented in an original and convenient way. 
  • Data security and compatibility with GDPR and ISO27001: Zoho Mail has proven to be excellent in data handling. Your information is never for sale at Zoho. 
  • Scalable and economical: You can start your journey for free and then scale up as needed.


Nine outstanding solutions that work together and suit your operations, no matter what they are.
Whether your company is small or large, Zoho Mail is the solution. Security and simplicity are at the forefront of a fully loaded mail solution. 
Send messages to your coworkers safely, from anywhere and from any device.
Your teamwork solution. Chat, host idea meetings, work with team-based data and much more.
A fully equipped web-based text editor that allows you to collaborate with others inside the same document and share both inside and outside the group.
A fully equipped web-based spreadsheet editor that allows for teamwork with table-based data.
Create slides, share them, and display them on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.
Create, save, and manage access to your data using a secure and encrypted document storage solution.
Web-based tutorial software that allows you to host interactive lessons in real time.
Everything needed to hold teleconferencing and remote learning. Real-time conversation with video, data and screen sharing functionality.
Zoho workplace
See how Zoho Workplace scales with your business and allows information to flow seamlessly between different solutions. Simplicity saves time and money, and Snædal guarantees that your data is always secure.


Zoho OneAuth is an amazing app for your phone that simplifies login to all web-based Zoho apps while improving security. 

OneAuth offers multi-factor login to your Zoho account, but also gives you the option to set up password less login and single sign-on on all compatible web-based solutions.