Ecwid lógó

.. and you thought the web couldn't get simpler?

Over 20 years of web experience has taught us that nothing is as bad for businesses and organizations as an obsolete web. One of the main reasons sites become obsolete is that content updates and web systems are on the back burner.
Outdated and obsolete sites are: 
  • More open to break-ins and malware
  • Unattractive to potential clients
  • More likely to cause harm to company branding
  • More likely to get your company domain greylisted or blacklisted
  • More likely to cause problems on tablets and phones
  • More likely to cause administrators increasing issues with time
Snædal has the solution
Hosting and service at Snædal is charged at a fixed monthly rate. We do not charge extra for updates, monitoring, recovery, layout themes, or add-ons for Kopage.
Kopage is a simple system that doesn't take long to learn. A new employee can learn the system in less than an hour.
Kopage has a built-in analytics solution, meaning you don't have to rely on external analytics solutions to analyze loads and web visits.
Kopage looks great on all devices. Scalability is built into the core system and any plug-ins we release.
Our service agreement gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your business. We take care of your website and social media, if requested.
When you do the math, you'll see that your site is safe in our hands, whether we you look at a service agreement or hosting. You never lose.
See how simple it is to work with your website in Kopage. Simplicity saves time and money and we guarantee that Kopage is always up to date.